Thursday, June 16, 2011

If You "Like" Me, I Promise Not to Think You Actually LIKE Me

I don’t like amassing *friends* on Facebook. I reserve my FB profile for people I know in real life, the exception being some friends that I’ve met through blogging (as contributors to the same site), whom I *know* through our works and through emailing, but I don’t know know. You know?

Anyway. My FB is personal and private and that's that. Still, I’ve been thinking for a while about how I’d like a way to connect with folks who visit this site, and about how I sometimes want to have more immediate interaction with readers but this blog format is not suited for that.

It finally occurred to me (I know, like, 3,000 years too late) that the answer might lie in a FB page for this site. I have no idea if I’m on to something here or if this is a dumb idea, but whatev. I just created the page (no really, just created it as in, just right now) and am sharing the link here so that you, if you’re so inclined, may click and “like” and hopefully enjoy whatever it is I’ll be doing there.

Look at me, I’m on Facebook!


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  • Blogger Андрей posted at 6/18/2011 12:50 AM  
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  • Anonymous Nadia posted at 6/18/2011 4:54 AM  
    I know what you mean when it comes having friends on facebook that you really don't know or even met irl. I rinsed my facebook friends list a while back.. where i deleted everyone i wasn't in touch with irl. Kept only the ones who i actually know.
  • Blogger Mary G posted at 6/19/2011 10:54 PM  
    Good idea, I think. Now I just have figure out how to find it again.
  • Anonymous michellecurtis posted at 6/24/2011 1:28 AM  
    Hi, i like your blog..
    Thanks for posting
  • Blogger Alana Martinez posted at 6/25/2011 2:52 AM  
    I have 500+ friends on facebook, but to be honest I don't know most of them,most come from a far place.You have a good blog.Thanks

  • Anonymous Farbod posted at 7/08/2011 2:28 PM  
    very true. nice post!
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