Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things I'm Reading - 2

Another week, another dollar. Or something like that. Whatever. I've just started my coffee and am not yet alive.

While I hoped to chill out right here on my couch for a good long while, the truth is that I have to be out the door in a half hour to get some errands done. These last weeks have been brutal on many fronts and I have to take care of this stuff before the next round of obligations and problems to resolve hit (which is this afternoon, so tick tock and all).

So herewith, the things I've been reading this week.

1. A very interesting look into the story behind Kony 2012. I was sufficiently intrigued by this *movement* to click on this link when someone posted it on FB, because this viral video thing reeked of band wagon-ness and a total lack of research on any band wagoner's part, but at the same time, I have felt disinterested in this issue (I have not seen the video but have read a number of reports about it). Not to be insensitive to the plight of Africans, just that all this buzz around "Kony 2012" (is it intended to sound like a campaign bumper sticker?), all the reposts and tweets, etc., made me instantly suspicious of it. This article pretty much sums it up, and I remain suspicious. What can I say? I have trust issue and the Internet's made them worse.

2. I take a daily tumeric supplement to help deal with my gut-infalmmation issues, so this piece about spices and the way they aid the heart caught my attention. I definitely feel the difference when I take my supplement (I'll do ginger, too, depending on how I feel on a given day), and I recall reading how societies who use these spices heavily tend to have less gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, I'm not surprised that it might fight fat absorption as well.

3. This incredibly bizarre piece about Robert Downey, Jr., possibly being the anonymous commenter who's been revealing all kinds of crazy shit at a blind item blog. Weird. Fascinating. I want to know more.

4. This very funny (and very true!) piece about mothers of boys - and the wenches who will one day steal them from us. I'm writing up my own contract as we speak.

5. Why does the U.S. still use petroleum food dyes? Good question - an interesting read about this problem - lots of links to more info and resources, too.

6. This moving tribute to "one ordinary woman." This is such a rich, touching piece, the story of one life that in very simple, constant ways left a deep mark in others.

7. A very thoughtful, well-written piece about the current attack on women and their rights. I'm feeling kinda crazy about this issue - frustrated, really - so reading stuff like this is both comforting and also increases my sense of helplessness.

And now, off to get shit done.

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  • Blogger Mary G posted at 3/17/2012 5:09 PM  
    Thanks for the links! Good stuff.

    Hang in there - sending hugs.
  • Blogger thenakedmaid posted at 3/19/2012 11:25 PM  
    I was just looking through your blog and loved it! As a mom of three, I can relate to so many of your posts!! I am new to blogging, and am truly enjoying the few moments of peace it gives to me!
  • Blogger Drea Lynn posted at 3/24/2012 12:10 PM  
    i love your blog! just started my own

    definitely some great stuff on here!
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