Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I'm Reading - 3

I hadn't read much last week, and then things picked up today. So here you go, an eclectic mix for you to enjoy.

(BTW, I never said this explicitly, but while I hope this remains a regular feature, I'm not tied to running it once a week. Before finding some more cool stuff today, there were only three links, and I was going to hold them for another week. It's working out as once a week right now, but I know that'll change, especially as I hunker down to work on a massive project/paper for one of my classes.)

1. A neat piece on ways to divorce-proof your marriage, according to science. Jevo and I have a few of these down, but I'm most amused by #6, given that we met way back in high school but never in a million years imagined we'd end up where we are.

2. This touching, thought-provoking piece by an African-American mother and how what happened to Trayvon Martin could happen to any young black man, including her own kids.

3. Homeopathy, a sham? Say it ain't so! I actually don't practice homeopathy, but I do believe in alternative health/medicine and do practice that (i.e., use of natural supplements to deal with health issues, use of aromatherapy for all kinds of things, from cosmetic to health). I'm averse to modern medicine and the standard practice of medicating problems away (instead of getting to the root of the problem or practicing preventive care). Maybe homeopathy is too complicated and costly for my taste, but I'm going to follow this series anyway.

4. Further fueling my obsessive frustration at the state of womanhood in this country, a (long) piece about the Republican war on women (and yes, I don't care where on the political spectrum you stand, there IS in fact a Republican war on women going on).

5. Pushy parents force organizers to cancel an Easter egg hunt. Yes, for real. This is actually why I avoid public kids' events, or large public events of any kind: the few times I've done something like this, I've been almost instantly filled with frustration over how some people are so entitled, so short-sighted, and so unfair, and parents are even worse because they pour this crap into their kids. That "the rules apply to everyone but me" mentality drives me insane. Related, while I totally get how hard it is not to be a helicopter parent, it's really a vile thing, sure to set kids up for a lifetime of dissatisfaction and an inability to cope with failure or mistakes - and worse, unable to figure things out for themselves. We live in a world that I do believe requires more vigilance and clear communication with our kids, but that's a whole 'nother thing. It seems like many parents today don't know the difference, and it's their kids who will suffer.

6. "Weiner reveals that one of the problems this season will revolve around Don and Megan's relationship. 'What's wrong with it? All I can say is, you know already. You've been told. But it's not what you think,' he says." What?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN MATTHEW WEINER??? I NEED TO KNOW!!

7. Kinda cool that the AP did a feature on Cuba's patron saint, La Caridad del Cobre. It is essentially true, that Cubans (on the island and not), consider her a beloved icon. It's common to pray to her, have statues in the home, honor her on her feast day (Sept. 8) and make offerings, either at the home altar or the local sanctuary (though technically that's more of a Santeria thing, but the lines between that and Catholicism blur pretty easily).

8. Don't laugh at me for reading stuff on Oprah's site, some of that stuff is really helpful! Like this one, 5 Questions to Ask About Anyone in Your Life. It's simple, solid, and should help clarify on some folks you hang with but are wondering about. (Jevo, you passed, so congratulations, you get to stay!)

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  • Blogger Christine posted at 3/30/2012 12:55 AM  
    lol I love the "Go on, tell me I'm fab"... I think its great that you have a Blog, it allows people to get to know you. I see that you have a child just wanted to pass this great league on to all the parents in the (tampa and brandon) area. Its called x-treme champions they are a great league my daughter is participating in their spring soccer league coming up in April. They also have scholarship programs, check them out if your interested. Have a good rest of the day.
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