Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh Look, I'm on!

I'm beyond giddy because some restaurant recommendations I made for a BlogHer and Gourmet collaboration published yesterday on the Gourmet Live blog. For real! Looky here!

My food obsession is intense (it's obscene how many hours a day I spend thinking about food, planning meals, and dining outings and discussing favorite dishes and memorable meals), and when I was offered the chance to recommend restaurants in Miami, I could not pass it up. I decided to recommend Cuban joints that are not touristy or over-priced, where real, regular Cubans eat, and my one Italian restaurant standout. I won't tell what they are here, you'll have to go see for yourself.

This was a fun experience, mainly because it's a topic I'm passionate about and know enough about to make recommendations without sounding like an ass (because that is all too common, I can assure you). Plus, Gourmet! They took my recommendations! They put them on their website! It's like I'm legitimate now!

The piece has brought a lot of new visitors here, and if you're one of them, please make yourself at home and enjoy. I'm currently a bit nutty trying to wrap up projects for the semester (I'm a grad student), so posting here is slow right now, but the archives are lengthy and new stuff is around the corner. I'm nearing the bend on my school work and am very much in need of writing. Hope you stick around for that!

Otherwise, go read my recommendations!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 4/22/2012 1:20 PM  
    So happy for you Tere! Amazing how dreary things can look one day and change before you know it. Always thinking good thoughts for you and wish you both the best.

    Edgar :)
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