Friday, June 28, 2013

The Little Things that Get Better

In light of all the doom and gloom I've thrown all over this blog, it's time for some of the good stuff to be shared.

As the PPD has gone its merry way, other things also have improved. Mainly, I'm almost hot again.

The pregnancy weight is gone and I'm back in all my old clothes. This is a huge relief, but I admit that I need to get in better shape from here. I don't even know how that's going to happen, because seriously, I don't know who these moms are who have a baby and have time to exercise, but they are not me. I'm up at 5 nursing every day and from there have to start the morning routine, only to get home from work and nurse, and handle dinner, baths and bedtime. The husband obviously splits the duties with me, but even with that, neither one of us has time for anything more. We are ready to crash in bed by 8:30, and many nights, that's exactly what we do. So I try to squeeze stuff in at work, walking a lot and climbing stairs. Whatever, it counts.

Also, by some miracle my bout of postpartum hair loss was mercifully short and it's done. My hair is once again full and thick and all there. Plus, my skin is not stuck in postpartum ugly hell anymore, meaning that it's back to being nice and normal. Really, there was a while there where I was a bedraggled mess, with hair constantly falling out and skin that was dull and ashy. Now I'm all glowy and smooth and wonderful.


I got this far a couple of days ago before having to stop for some reason or other. I don't remember where I was going next with this, but in the meantime, this happened:

I got a call from my doctor yesterday: my latest blood shows my TSH has swung all the way around from where it was about 50 days ago, and now I'm in the hypothyroid stage of postpartum thyroiditis. This is exactly what's supposed to happen, but I'm more nervous about this than I was about stage 1, mainly because this can become permanent, and because hypothyroidism can deplete my milk supply. I'm struggling enough with that as it is without adding a problem like that to the mix. I'm also scared of the weight gain hypothyroidism can cause, because from the research I've done, it's very hard to prevent or take off even when you're eating right and exercising. I need to look more into that, but the thought makes me feel helpless.

My plan is to fight this and do whatever I can to heal my thyroid, so everyone cross fingers that this remains temporary and passes without much damage.

Even though this thyroid issue is a big deal in my life right now, I physically feel fine, finally over the c-section. I feel stronger. It could be that symptoms develop, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Seriously, though, the thyroid lobby needs to start throwing money at me for all the work I'm inadvertently doing for them here.


Thyroid craziness aside, I'm mainly happy to feel closer to my regular self. I suppose I'm getting used to our new routine, and maybe I've just given in to the exhaustion and drudgery of it all. I've also given up on caring about the house being a perpetual disaster zone. I've got a wedding anniversary and birthday coming up, too, with a massage, fancy dinner and beach vacation to celebrate them all.

So many things that are good, others that are getting better. This is so very nice.

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  • Blogger Mary Gilmour posted at 6/28/2013 6:04 PM  
    You are! So good to hear some recovery is happening. As soon as you can stay awake past 8:00pm, babysitter and time as an adult, whatever, is my advice.
  • Anonymous Zee posted at 6/28/2013 11:29 PM  
    Hi! Long-time reader here...I've been hypothyroid for over five years now, and much as I hate unsolicited advice, here are a couple of things I wish someone had told me:

    1) if you go on medication, ask for Synthroid, NOT the generic. While most generics are the same as the brand, this is not the case with thyroid medication.

    2) if you go on medication and are getting headaches, this could mean that your dosage is too high. I've compromised with my doctor by taking different doses on alternating days.

    3) there are some awesome nutrients to support the thyroid. I supplement with iodine. This is not always recommended but it has worked for me. I use a Norwegian Kelp supplement ( , no affiliate link)

    4) Ridha Arem has a great thyroid info book - though personally, I prefer Dr. Mark Hyman's info.

    Hopefully it will go away once your postpartum cycle is complete; good luck!!
  • Blogger Tere posted at 7/01/2013 11:51 AM  
    Zee, thanks for this info, it's very helpful! The strangest thing happened Friday night - my doctor emailed me to tell me that her assistant had made a mistake, that I'd received the wrong info. My TSH is still ridiculously low. Still, I'm going to need this info soon enough!

    Mary, we have our wedding anniversary this month and are planning some alone time! YAY!
  • Anonymous Zee posted at 7/03/2013 7:42 PM  
    That's great! Hope all goes as it should :-)
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